What Is A Good Time For The 40 Yard Dash?

What was the fastest 40 yard dash 2020?

Link icon Copied!Henry Ruggs runs official 4.27 second 40-yard dash.

INDIANAPOLIS — Henry Ruggs’ 40-yard dash of 4.27 seconds survived as the best clocking of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine Sunday as a speedy collection of defensive backs showed off plenty of speed themselves.More items…•Mar 1, 2020.

How fast is DeVonta Smith in the 40?

4.27 seconds12 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft, clocked a time of 4.27 seconds in the 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine. He is currently tied for the fourth-fastest time in combine history since 1999. DeVonta Smith is fast. How fast?

How fast is a 5 second 40?

16.3636 MPHThe simple answer is 40 yards in 5 seconds = 8 yards per second = 16.3636 MPH.

How good is a 4.4 40 yard dash?

What is a good high school 40 time? Timed electronically, your 4.4 seconds quickly become 4.71. Most high school 40 times are recorded by individuals who are inexperienced in timing the 40-Yard Dash. If your buddy or parent timed you, your results might be even more skewed.

How fast should a 16 year old run a 40 yard dash?

Running a 4.45–4.50 in the 40-yard dash is more reasonable.

How fast is a 4.8 40 yard dash?

18.75 miles per hour40 yards is 1/44 of a mile. A person running 1/44 mile in 4.8 seconds would run a mile in 192 seconds. Therefore, in 1 hour, or 3600 seconds, the distance covered would be 3600/192 miles, or 18.75 miles, i.e., the speed is 18.75 miles per hour.

How fast is a 5 second 40 yard dash in mph?

about 16 mphIf you have a 40-yard dash time, divide it into 80 to get an approximate miles per hour speed. So, if you have a 5 second 40-yard dash, you are going about 16 mph.

What is Usain Bolt’s 40 yard dash?

Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt shows off his super speed as he runs the 40-yard dash at the Super Bowl, which would be a record for NFL players at the combine.

How fast should a 13 year old run the 40 yard dash?

NFL recievers run a 4.3–4.5. Lineman are usually around 5.0, some as fast as 4.8. But their adults over 21 and in peak physical condition. If at 13 you can run a 40 in the 5 second range I’d say your pretty fast.

What is a fast 40 time for high school girl?

I would bet a fast High school girl would be running around 5.4-5.6., really fast track kids would still be accerlerating, so they might be a little lower. But for an untrained sprinter I bet would be in the mid 5’s.

What is a good 40 yard dash time for a high school football player?

4.5 secondThe average college football player is nearly a tenth of a second slower (e.g., a NFL Combine 4.5 after a high school 4.4) after four to five years in a college strength and conditioning program as he was when he entered that program. 93 players ran a sub-4.5 second 40 yard dash in high school.

How fast should a 14 year old run a 40 yard dash?

For a varsity level if you want a skill position (Fullback, MLB) you should run below a 5.0 or a 5 flat. It all depends on your weight and height and of course how fast you are but an average time for a 40 yard dash is 6.2 s ( or 6.7-7.3s) if you’ve heard 5.5 s than you’re mistaken.

What is the average 40 yard dash time for a 17 year old?

Average is 5.2, good 4.9, excellent 4.6. Anything over 5.5 is not so good. This is from a coach who has timed 100’s over 20 years. Your height and weight are good but have no bearing on your 40 time.

How fast was Tom Brady’s 40 yard dash?

5.28 secondsTom Brady/40 yard dash time

Who’s the fastest running back in the NFL 2020?

The NFL’s Fastest Runner in 2020 Is Not Who You Think and It’s the Fastest Speed in 3 YearsRaheem Mostert, RB, San Francisco 49ers (Week 1) — 22.73 MPH.Michael Davis, CB, LA Chargers (Week 4) — 21.68 MPH. … Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans (Week 6) — 21.62 MPH. … DJ Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers (Week 5) — 21.52 MPH. … More items…•Oct 18, 2020

Who is the fastest running back 2020?

Top 10 fastest NFL players in 2020 (mph)PlayerTeamPlay eventRaheem Mostert49ers80-yard rushing TDRaheem Mostert49ers76-yard receiving TDKenyan DrakeCardinals69-yard rushing TDJonathan TaylorColts29-yard rush6 more rows•Feb 7, 2021

Is Daniel Jones faster than Lamar Jackson?

Daniel Jones hit faster top speed than Lamar Jackson’s best Jones topped out just 0.06 mph slower than Hill. … Unfortunately for Jones, his 80-yard burst didn’t end as well as it topped out, with the second-year quarterback tripping over his own legs and falling well short of a touchdown run.

How fast should a 15 year old run a 40 yard dash?

What is a good 40 yard dash time for 15- year old at 67 kg and 5’10”? Average is 5.2, good 4.9, excellent 4.6. Anything over 5.5 is not so good. This is from a coach who has timed 100’s over 20 years.

What is a good 40 yard dash time for a running back?

Most running backs clock it times between 4.40 and 4.70, with some running in the 4.30’s and some running higher than 4.70. Chris Johnson who ran a 4.24 seems to be an anomaly as he is the only running back in the last 20 years to run between 4.20 and 4.29.