Quick Answer: What Are The 4 Types Of Wind?

What is a strong wind storm called?

A strong, warm windstorm is called a chinook in the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada, a foehn in the European Alps, and a zonda in the Andes Mountains of Argentina..

What are Wind Systems?

The most common of these local wind systems are the sea and land breezes, mountain and valley breezes, foehn winds (also called chinook, or Santa Ana, winds), and katabatic winds. Local winds exert a pronounced influence on local climate and are themselves affected by local weather conditions.

What is fast and strong wind called?

Short bursts of high-speed wind are termed gusts. Strong winds of intermediate duration (around one minute) are termed squalls. Long-duration winds have various names associated with their average strength, such as breeze, gale, storm, and hurricane.

What’s another name for wind?

other words for windair.blast.breeze.cyclone.gale.gust.blow.whisk.

What are the 3 types of wind?

The different types of winds on earth are planetary winds, trade winds, periodic winds, local winds, and westerlies.

What are local winds give a few examples Class 7?

Local Winds blow for a short period of time over a very small area. Some local winds like Loo, Simoom, Chinook, and are warm winds. Others such as the Bora, Mistral, Buran, and Pampero are cold winds.

Is Monsoon a local wind?

Monsoon winds are larger scale versions of land and sea breezes; they blow from the sea onto the land in summer and from the land onto the sea in winter. Monsoon winds occur where very hot summer lands are next to the sea. Thunderstorms are common during monsoons (Figure below).

Which is not a local wind?

1- Chinook- Hot, dry wind in Rockies, also called `snow eater`. 3- Khamsin- Hot, dry wind in Egypt. 6- Harmattan- Hot, dry wind blowing outwards from the interior of W. Africa, also called Guinea Doctor.

What causes local wind?

All wind is caused by the uneven heating of Earth’s surface, which sets convection currents in motion, Convection currents on a large scale cause global winds; convection currents on a small scale cause local winds.

What mph wind is strong?

Beaufort numberDescriptionSpeed3Gentle Breeze8 to 12 mph4Moderate Breeze13 to 18 mph5Fresh Breeze19 to 24 mph6Strong Breeze25 to 31 mph9 more rows

What are the 4 types of local winds?

There are 4 types of local winds we have discussed in class. Sea breezes, land breezes, mountain breezes, and valley breezes.

What is the name of the strongest wind?

Gale refers to a current of air that measures in the range of 32 to 63 miles per hour on the Beaufort scale. More generally, it’s any strong wind: On this links-style course, autumn gales blow fiercely across the moors – so fiercely that a misstruck shot can turn on you like a rogue boomerang.

Which wind is the warmest?

Chinook windsChinook winds can be as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 decrees Celsius) warmer than the air they displace, according to Indiana Public Media’s Moment of Science. Temperatures rise approximately 5.5 degrees F per every thousand feet the air mass descends down the mountain.

What are local winds Class 9?

Local winds are those winds which blow over a certain region or a local place only. These winds may be warm or cold depending upon the area from which they blow.

What is permanent wind?

1. Permanent winds- The trade winds, westerlies and easterlies are the permanent winds. These blow constantly throughout the year in a particular direction. … Seasonal winds – These winds change their direction in different seasons. For example – monsoons in India.

What is a cold wind called?

Mistral A cold, dry wind blowing from the north over the northwest coast of the Mediterranean Sea, particularly over the Gulf of Lions. Also called CIERZO. See also FALL WIND. … Norte A strong cold northeasterly wind which blows in Mexico and on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

How many types of wind are there?

fiveThe Earth contains five major wind zones: polar easterlies, westerlies, horse latitudes, trade winds, and the doldrums. Polar easterlies are dry, cold prevailing winds that blow from the east.

What are the examples of local winds?

Local winds blow only during a particular period of the day or a year in a small area. It is also called the Loo. The two examples of local winds are Land Breeze and Sea Breeze. Land Breeze : The wind flow from land to water is called land breeze.

What are local winds give examples?

Examples of local winds include sea breezes, which blow from the sea to the land and keep coastal temperatures more mild, and land breezes, which blow from the land toward the sea, usually at night.

What are the 7 winds?

Modern scaleBeaufort numberDescriptionWind speed6Strong breeze10.8–13.8 m/s7High wind, moderate gale, near gale28–33 knots32–38 mph50–61 km/h45 more rows

What is a gentle wind called?

Princeton’s WordNet. breeze, zephyr, gentle wind, air(noun) a slight wind (usually refreshing)

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